TOV Corporation as one of the largest companies on selling and supplying various types of Fruits and its related products in the region, trying to be the excellence of all companies in Iran and beyond the country borders, set up its management system based on world day standards and has designed and implemented new ways to deliver the best products in target markets.

Management of this company, by relying on collective wisdom, emphasizing, on compliance with organizational commitments, values, effort and teamwork consider the following points as one of the most important points of this company’s  activity:

Continuously improving the performance of the marketing, sales and responding system to customers and implementing up-to-date management system avoid damages in supply , sales and marketing for better customer support design, create and improve suitable infrastructure for companies and costumer increasing organizational loyalty

Improving customer satisfaction as one of the most valuable assets of the organization the development of an up-to-date system to investigate customer feedback and satisfaction

Commitment to handle continuously to costumers complaints aping a good professional way to increase the accuracy, and reliability of cooperating results with costumers

Preservation of company’s information assets against violations of confidentiality availability and integrity of information to gain business continuity.

We believe that being commitment to continuous improvement, compliance with regulatory requirements and standards, promoting a culture of self-esteem , self-control and participation of all stakeholders and development will provide an environment full of empathy and intimacy , the prosperity and success for the company. Certainly, TOV corporation methodology will determine the required standard for active companies in this area in Iran, the region and the world.

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