TOV International Commercial Corporation with trust in God and daily efforts was launched on august 2012 and focused on import & export of foodstuffs & fresh produces mainly fresh fruit & vegetable and kinds of fruit juice concentrates it was working as a massive economic entity in supplying in Iran.

This corporation , with its special privileges in the field of supplying , sale and export of the highest quality a wide range of fruit and vegetable market in iran , has been able to supply a large tonnage to the customers in the domestic and exporting markets , and make easier to buy and import for this category of customers.

TOV utilizing skilled and experienced managers in the sales and exporting sectors applying international laws in the sales sector is a reason why this trading corporation can easily purchase and sale in both inside and outside Iran and through our experience and commitment from our employees we will strive to be the best, at what we do, and will achieve this by delivering the highest standards of quality and service.

Powerful international presence has allowed TOV International Commercial Corporation to have a wider market with much better customer service and deliver its fruit and vegetable in many global markets.

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